About me

I start with the core problem and end with product realization to solve that problem.

Who am I.

I was influenced early on as a designer by Tim Brown’s “Change by Design” and Roberto Verganti’s “Design-Driven Innovation”. Through these readings, my technical education, and my professional experience thus far I'm genuinely enthralled with the design process and limitless creative freedom this profession offers. I believe that equipped with these tools and being immersed in a community of digital artists and technical minds alike validates the creed: "there is no problem too large or small that cannot be solved".

As a designer I seek harmony between the oftentimes challenging dichotomy of product desirability and viability. I've finessed unifying the two while working within the unique scope a business or system requires as to sharpen product feasibility and functionality. I've found that focusing on the design project rather than diagnosing pre-existing problems results in a more premium product. This is achievable through setting clear goals, meeting deadlines, and vigilantly reviewing progress. Creative projects are where ideas meet reality; once actualized they are immensely rewarding. I'm particularly motivated by the creative problem-solving process and the interrelationship between aesthetics and usability. We have all heard that form follows function and as a logical thinker I find the inherent beauty in designs that result from the purity of function. On the other hand, I have found that going the extra mile with aesthetics is absolutely essential in producing works that are both universally appealing to the eye whilst still being user-friendly.



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59 Timber Road
Black Hawk, CO 80422

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