Go ahead, be social...

Never get caught at a lame event!

In my final semesters of school a group of students approached me about designing the user interface for a classroom project they wanted to take to the next level. I, of course, eagerly accepted after being pitched their idea.

The Monarch application is an iOS based social media app that focuses on real-time statistics about events. Users can “Perch” at different events, rate them, and add their comments so you and your friends can keep tabs on which events in your immediate vicinity would be most worth your time.

Always find what you are looking for

The first page is the home screen and shows the highest rated events within a user specified distance. Events are rated pictorially through the use of the logo and shown with the Event Name, Event Location, and distance from the user.

The application is split up into four main sections: Events, Friends, Me, and Map. In the mock-up to the right you can see the “Events” tab is chosen allowing the user to further refine their search based on a variety of filters and sorting options.

The project never got off the ground due to people graduating and immersing themselves in their new work experiences, but none-the-less it was a great exercise in iOS design, which I had not done before.