Financial Software
The Blackstone Group


Back in the summer of 2012, while an intern at The Blackstone Group in New York City, I was tasked with overhauling one of their main financial management platforms.
This program was designed to incorporate elements from its predecessor, microsoft excel, and other similar software that the end users were familiar with. I pushed to incorporating a large number of new designs styles and logic to enhance the user experience and improve overall efficiency.
The overview pages, seen below, display various metrics and recent activities that have occurred within the program. The screen-shots has been altered from their original design to comply with NDA policies.


This page allows a user to enter a transaction in the system. The navigation will let the user know the type of transaction they are entering and input areas are clearly defined.
The black action bar is static at the bottom of the viewport so it is always available to the user to save, lock, or cancel the transaction. It also provides crucial information such as the status of the transaction and if there is an error or it is processing.


This transaction screen allows the user to transfer money between users whether it is going from one to many, many to one, or many to many persons.
Again the action bar is ever present in the viewable area. The number of people and monetary flow are represented visually by the boxes that appear when selected through the drop-down menus. The amount of money in the account is shown and the amount to be transferred is entered into the text box.